Is it normal to want a little amount of sex?

Irrespective of how much you detest having a little urge for sex, the truth remains that not everybody will like it the same way. That you enjoy sex about 5hrs daily doesn’t mean your partner should enjoy it 5hrs daily. There are several reasons why most people might enjoy little sex, and these reasons could range from psychological to personal/preferential. So, don’t be too quick to embarrass anyone for not wanting sex the same way you do. Instead, take time to understand the person and ask reasonable questions in the same way.

So, what’s the answer? Is it normal? Yes, it is, depending on the reason the person gives. However, while having a little urge for sex might be tied to having low libido, it might not always be the case. Most times, when you watch some HD porn videos, some are such that at first, one of the actors might be feeling less concerned about sex due to some personal reasons as scripted. This shows that there are times when your partner might be going through the stress that having sex becomes tiring. They might have just little sex, or no sex at all, depending on how serious the stressor is.

On the other hand, if you always want to have a little amount of sex, and nothing is disturbing you mentally, you might want to see your therapist. However, ensure you have the conversation with your partner and see how much they can help you through that phase.

How can I increase my urge for sex?

Here are some of the most effective means of increasing your urge for sex

·         Watch HD porn videos:

There’s almost no sex-related problem that porn cannot remedy. You have to apply porn consumption in the right quantity, preferably, as prescribed by your sex therapist. Consuming porn could help you increase your libido such that after every session, you feel the urge to have sex instantly. However, you need to ensure your partner is okay with this if you have one. If you don’t, it’s better and less stressful.

·         Masturbate more often:

Here’s another important means of increasing your sex drive. If you don’t have anything disturbing you but still find yourself not wanting to have sex, you might want to introduce yourself to masturbation. It helps you get your sexual confidence and increase your self-esteem. With this, you begin to see why you should have more sex and act accordingly.

·         Have the conversation with a professional:

Most times, we underplay the impact of therapy on our psychological health, even to the point of sex. If you have issues with your sex life, it’s only normal for you to talk to your sex therapist to help you through that phase. You’d be surprised that not all problems could be solved by your friends; sometimes, talking to a professional stands as your best shot at remedying the situation. So, ensure you have a professional you can see if you are having similar issues in your sex life. You never can tell; the remedy might be as simple as taking a nap.

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