Romantic love myths can negatively affect sex life

It is more common to hear myths about sexuality, especially during adolescence, than to receive comprehensive sex education at home and school. Some of these myths persist into adulthood on many occasions. They impact the sexual life and the way of relating to a partner. The myths of romantic love generate great concern and fear instead of allowing people to relax and learn about sex.

It is common for misinformation to exist in the 21st century because, in popular culture, myths circulate more frequently. These false beliefs can hold back fantasies, or promote the highest expectations of sex. However, in the end, it is possible to fulfill fantasies and expectations properly with some escorts in Adelaide who advertise on online portals such as Skokka Australia.

What are the myths that exist in society?

Sexual information is power, freedom, and decision. Dismantling myths and leaving aside misinformation is critical for people to have a healthy, pleasurable and taboo-free sexuality. Below, we debunk the misconceptions about sex that continue to exist today:


Culturally, virginity implies a process of psychological and physical changes (loss of innocence, the arrival of maturity, passage from “girl to woman”, and others). Nevertheless, virginity does not exist. This concept is not scientifically supported.

Instead, it is subject to religious and cultural beliefs that define the first sexual encounter at a perfect age and with “the love of your life”. It is an old sociocultural construct that characterizes sex only with penetration when it is subject to other variables such as masturbation, caresses, and kisses.

The hymen

The rupture of the hymen is a very archaic belief. It is linked to virginity because the hymen means that the woman has not yet had sexual intercourse. In many cultures, this belief remains. However, the truth is that the hymen is a flexible membrane that can be ruptured by physical activities unrelated to sex. In fact, some women are born without a hymen.


Menstruation is a normal and healthy physiological process in women. However, misinformation and taboos affect them because they are considered impure and dirty. In certain cultures, sexual intercourse during menstruation is repudiated. In other societies, it is thought to be the best time for sex because it prevents pregnancy. However, a woman can conceive a baby if she has sex during menstruation and does not use contraception, or even catch some STIs.

Penis size

For most men and women, size defines sexual pleasure. According to BJU International Journal of Urology research, 5% of men have penises that are out of average, but this is not a cause for concern. Penises of any size can experience orgasms and ejaculations without inconvenience.

In vaginal penetration, women can have orgasms more easily through the clitoris than through the vagina, regardless of size. The important thing is genital stimulation, as indicated by sexologists, women and some professional private Adelaide asian escort, with extensive sexual experience.


The commercialization of sex through pornography has caused the false belief that it is not an orgasm if it is not vaginal. It is believed that orgasm or “squirt” is only achieved through repeated penetration. It is no coincidence that many women ask themselves questions such as “why can’t I reach orgasm?”, or “what to do to feel an orgasm?”.

For the Essentials of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. Penetration is not enough because orgasm happens at the clitoris, mostly.


Lack of sex education and myths about masturbation cause people to feel fear or guilt if they masturbate. These myths range from the belief that erectile dysfunction can occur in men to sexual dysfunction in women. Masturbation does not harm, instead, provides health benefits such as self-exploration, self-knowledge, and more orgasms.

Sex in old age

There are two myths surrounding sex in old age. The first is that older adults should not express their sexuality. Another myth is that they no longer feel sexual desire. On the contrary, older men can enjoy higher erotic sensations and please a woman better because of their sexual experience.

Also, after menopause, women can enjoy sex easily because they do not have to worry about pregnancy. Sex after age 50 is much more fun than at younger ages, both with a steady partner and with w4m adelaide escorts for companionship and pleasure.

It is advisable not to believe in these myths

The myths of romantic love only limit the freedom of sexual expression and sexual pleasure. On the other hand, they create taboos between couples and prevent them from fulfilling their fantasies. The distrust produces sexual discomfort and a lack of communication between the partners. Sometimes they can even affect people’s self-esteem.

All these absurd myths avoid naturally living sexuality. Therefore, it is advisable not to believe in these myths and to get information from professionals in the sector.

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