The women audience might feel more aligned o the soft touch of erotica.

For those who have been mesmerized by regular porn, audio porn may be the first love at hear. Mainstream porn usually comes with graphics and videos, but in porn audio, these features are completely absent. As there is no visual stimulation, this is replaced by a sultry, sexy voice. The sultry voice texture lures the listeners into the world of fantasy. The audio track can amuse you can take you to a world no one enters except you, or an unknown sexy in a movie theater or with your sweetheart in a boat.

These audio tracks emphasize foreplay and sensuality.

Interestingly many best shemale pornstars lend their voice in audio porn, which has been acclaimed as a refreshing change from regular porn video. Listeners find it stimulating, and the demand for audio porn increased significantly in pandemic time. These erotic audio tracks have become bedtime partners for many people. Anyone can hear the erotic storytelling, but women constitute a major part of the audience. These tracks emphasize foreplay and sensuality; the hardcore substance is almost absent. The feminine touch is more alluring to women than men.

The women audience feel more aligned o the soft touch of erotica than harsh hardcore.

The soft sexy erotic storytelling reaches the core of women where the callous beam of mainstream porn cannot get to. Young women are conscious buyers of content, yet there is little erotic content to offer; sensual audio can partially fill the vacuum. Many women who find hardcore porn nauseating gets easily turn on hearing the sexy erotic saga. Many women feel the track was made for her, to meet her desires and wants; it becomes an intimate interaction. You will find different genres of audio in the auditory library to cater to various moods and flavors.

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